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Inspired by the trees that in Autumn hold their foliage with difficulty, Tree Branches transmits the nakedness of the season, establishing a balance between the structure organization and the free will of the other elements through the minimal contact between the parts. Entirely handcrafted using traditional techniques like marquetry and hammered metal, Tree Branches is an extremely elegant side table. Three vertical ‘branches’ in hammered brass are elevated by three identical diagonals ‘branches’ that contact with the ground, creating the illusion that the vertical ‘branches’ are keystones to balance the slender structure. The incomplete crown of leaves allows a better view of small leaves distributed by several minor branches, still resistant to the passage of the season. All leaves are exquisitely executed in wood with bevelled finish in rosewood, ebony and olive tree veneer in half gloss varnish.
Specifications: Dimensions Diameter: 60 cm | 23,60’’ Height: 60 cm | 23,60’’ Material Glass Ebony wood Olive wood

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