Entirely sculpted in wood, the organic Fallen Leaves mirrors recreate natural shapes with aged broken tips of real leaves. The gradients in warm gold and copper leaf finish in high gloss varnish extol the reflection of water between brushstrokes coming from the spectacular palette of autumnal colors. These decorative mirrors are sculptures that attract nature lovers and create a serene atmosphere in any living room or bedroom that looks for a nature inspired environment. Dimensions: 1 leaf Height. 77cm|30,31’’ Width. 43cm|16,93’’ Depth. 7cm|2,80’’ 2 leaf Height. 62cm|24,41’’ Width. 32cm|12,60’’ Depth. 7cm|2,80’’ 3 leaf Height. 55cm|21,65’’ Width. 57cm|22,44’’ Depth. 5cm|2,00’’ 4 leaf Height. 49cm|19,29’’ Width. 43cm|16,93’’ Depth. 5cm|2,00’’ 5 leaf Height. 45cm|17,72’’ Width. 36cm|14,17’’ Depth. 5cm|2,00’’
Specifications: Material Copper leaf Gold leaf ​Hand carved wood

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