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Located in the sunny California on the south-west of the United States of America, the charming Figueroa Mountain is a magical landscape. Evoking the Californian mountain, the luxurious Figueroa dining chair has the same lines of the original armchair. The long curves of this mountain were taken to the exterior and the mountainside ripples, that seem to have been dug by large fingers coming from the sky, were placed on the inside. The top of the chair features the great bow of the skyline and the yellow tone of the ground is replaced by the feet in brass. The elegant design of the Figueroa dining chair was specially developed for high-end hospitality interiors that look for eye catching lines. As a contract furniture manufacturer, INSIDHERLAND creates quality hospitality furniture for the best hotels in the World.
Specifications: Dimensions Width: 56 cm | 22,05’’ Depth: 62 cm | 24,40’’ Height: 90 cm | 35,43’’ Material Cotton velvet Polished brass.

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