Many years after visited the heart of Sweden, and still inspired by a long walk through the forest beneath intertwined branches of huge trees, Joana Santos Barbosa recreated her memories in the dazzling Into the Woods bookcase. The enchanting path is captured by the angular shape of the bookcase in which four vertical elements in walnut obtain a slight slope that emphasizes the perspective of the lengthy tree trunks along the way. In a gentle embrace, each vertical element extends in stylized brass blades that touch the remaining tree trunks. Each organic element of the bookcase creates a variety of shadows that move according to the lights of the surrounding space. A modern bookcase for tenacious interior designers who look for the perfect decorative piece of art.
Specifications: Dimensions Width: 120 cm | 47,24’’ Depth: 49 cm | 19,29’’ Height: 190 cm | 74,80’’ Material Glass Oxidized brushed brass Wood structure finished in walnut veneer in half gloss varnish.

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